Are You Struggling With Your German Shepherd's Behavior?

Download Our Free Training Guide. Here is a short list of behaviors that this will help with:

Biting and Chewing

Leash Pulling (Your Dog Walks You)

Aggressive With Other Dogs

Potty Training Problems

Uncontrolled Jumping

Excessive Barking


7 Essential German Shepherd Potty Training Tips

German Shepherd potty training is not much different from any type of dog potty training, with only one significant variance: Your German Shepherd is among the smartest and most highly trainable dog breeds on the planet! Depending on his age,

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8 Great Tips For Improving Your German Shepherd’s Diet

How healthy are your German Shepherd dogs? Healthy German Shepherds have bright and alight eyes, shiny coats as well as abundance of energy. Things like environmental, genetics, proper care and nutritional factors including diet, contribute to your dog’s overall good

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How To Curb A German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problem

German shepherds are just like other shepherding dogs in that they can get a little ‘bitey’. Puppies of any breed enjoy chewing toys and hands because they are teething and they need something to ease their itchy gums. As their

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Essential Tips For German Shepherd Obedience Training

German Shepherds are a strong and loyal breed of dogs. This dog breed will stand by you through anything. Nevertheless, if you over do the training, you run the risk of making your dog aggressive and that’s the last thing

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