The Online Dog Trainer Review

There are hundreds of ways to train a dog and you can easily find books on dog training either at your neighborhood book shop or online. However a lot of the methods out there simply address the symptom rather than the cause of the problem.

That’s where Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer method is so different from the conventional methods. His dog training method addresses the root cause, is based on love and kindness rather than using fear and aggression. Here’s a video of Doggy Dan providing consultation to one of his customers and their German Shepherd dog:

I only decided to do the Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer review after going through the various videos on his membership site and finding myself agreeing to his methods and philosophy.  His pricing is also very reasonable as compared to hiring a professional dog trainer.

Who Is Doggy Dan?

( Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Review – Background of the trainer )

Doggy Dan or his real name is Dan Abdelnoor is one of New Zealand’s leading dog trainers and behaviorists. Over the last 10 years he has trained thousands of dogs including German Shepherds and helped their owners to improve their relationships with their most trusted pals.  He is also a highly acclaimed author, an avid animal rights activist, media personality, and even a celebrity dog trainer.

What Is Doggy Dan’s Method?

( Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Review – review of his methods )

His method is based on the believe that you need to earn the respect and trust of your canine pal before you can successfully train it to do what you want. In order to get that kind of respect you need to become the pack leader of your dog. You have probably heard this before but it’s not just a nice sounding cliche because dogs (just like wolves) are pack animals so they understand how to operate in a pack even though they have been domesticated. If your dog sees you as the pack leader, it knows that you are in charge and this makes training and correction a lot easier.

Doggy Dan has these 5 Golden Rules that a dog owner needs to follow in order to be seen as the pack leader by his or her dog. These rules are all explained on easy to follow videos on his membership website and you can access them anytime. Once you have successfully become the pack leader you can then proceed with the other videos that talk about specific trainings and behavior corrections (there are 100s of training videos on the website!). In addition you can also ask specific questions and Doggy Dan will answer them.

I have personally started to use the 5 Golden Rules and have seen an improvement in the way that my dog behaves. She’s calmer, less demanding and would come when being called.

What’s The Risk?

( Doggy Dan Online Dog Trainer Review – how much? )

What I like about Doggy Dan’s Online Dog Trainer  is that it’s minimum risk.  You can sign up for a trial period for an extremely low minimum fee?  If you don’t like it you can cancel your membership anytime and there’s also a 60-day money back guarantee.

P.S: There’s no overnight success with training a dog, it needs patience and commitment so having 24×7 access to the training videos is of tremendous help. Furthermore new videos and materials are added to the site all the time so you get the latest methods on dog training.