Essential Tips For German Shepherd Obedience Training

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German Shepherds are a strong and loyal breed of dogs. This dog breed will stand by you through anything. Nevertheless, if you over do the training, you run the risk of making your dog aggressive and that’s the last thing you need. This is why you need the right German shepherd obedience training.

You must begin your German shepherd obedience training from the time they’re puppies because German Shepherds have a tendency to become extremely dominant if you don’t give them the proper training. Melting out harsh treatments on their dogs is another common mistake made by many owners. They are completely different from play dogs and friendly beasts so you must know how to handle them properly.

If you attempt to treat them with aggression, they have no problem dishing it back to you. It is also important to show them how to act around people. The last thing you need when you own a German Shepherd is for it to start chewing on toys or biting your furniture. However, with the proper obedience training, you can teach them how to behave.

To help you get started here are 3 essential tips for German Shepherd obedience training

German Shepherd obedience training

How to imprint and socialize your German Shepherd

German Shepherd obedience trainingEmploying a positive and sensible manner is the best way to train a German Shepherd dog. It is not easy to teach your German Shepherd obedience. You will need lots of patience as well as consistency to achieve this. If at any point in the course of the training you let your temper get the best of you, both you and your dog will suffer for it.

A lot of stressed out owners require the services of a German shepherd obedience training center to handle their dog’s temper. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to understand that they’ll end up causing more harm than good if they employ aggressive training techniques.

Imprinting and socializing is a crucial part of German shepherd obedience training. This form of training requires certain commands and tricks. You should note that, you’ll need to employ both hand and verbal means of communication regardless of the style you employ.

What do you understand by imprinting? If you handle your puppy in an aggressive manner during training, there’s a likelihood of it growing into an aggressive dog. This is what is referred to as imprinting, because the dog imprints the kind of treatment it experiences from its owner.

What do you understand by socializing? One important aspect of the training of a German Shepherd is to make it interact and socialize with other animals around. As soon as you get your dog, you must teach it to be comfortable around others to prevent any trouble in future.

Practical training tips for German Shepherds

German Shepherd obedience trainingOff leash and on leash training: what this entails is the ability of your dog to be at ease with the pace you set when walking and to stop as soon as you pull its leash. Leash training is very important because it gives you total control over your German Shepherd.

-Offer your dog treats at intervals during training otherwise it will become bored and susceptible to distractions.

-Find ways of praising and appreciating the dog like giving it toys and back pats.

-Ensure that your dog is actually retaining all these commands and information.

Try not to make your dog over dependent on treats, if not it will only listen to your commands when you offer it treats.

-Teach it how to behave when giving it a bath, cleaning its ear, and cutting its nails.

-Train your dog to always sleep inside its kennel.

-Use the word ‘No’ during training to teach the dog limits.

Associate different words with different actions to simplify the learning process for the dog.

-Train the dog to bite, chew or play with only approved toys.

-Teach your German Shepherd how to behave indoors and how to obey the house rules.

-Train your German Shepherd to chase after you whenever you call its name.

-Teach your dog the proper way of walking up and down the staircase.

-Ensure your dog is crate trained.

-Ensure that your dog is vehicle trained.

How to instill obedience & good manners

German Shepherd obedience trainingThis part of the training involves teaching your German Shepherd dog how to remain calm and pay attention to your commands. German Shepherds are very energetic and are easily excited. This is why they are always very hyper to obey your commands if given the proper training. You must coach them differently to enable them to understand what each command means and teach them patience.

Before you can teach your German Shepherd discipline and manners, you must employ a different kind of strategy and instructions. Below are some tips on how to induce such behaviors in your dog.

-During your German shepherd obedience training, Instruct your dog to sit still and stay for some minutes. You can achieve this by introducing the dog to the “sit and stay” command.

-Instruct your dog to ‘sit’ after which you tell it to ‘stay’. The stay can last for about 1-3 minutes. This form of training helps the dog maintain its calm in any kind of situation.

-Teach your German Shepherd how to walk at a regular pace when attached to a lose leash.

-As soon as your dog displays odd behaviors like excessively chewing an object, instruct it to ‘stop’.

-Teach it how to fetch without getting hyper. If it becomes over excited, you can instruct it to stay.

-As soon as it begins to jump on people and sofas, instruct your German Shepherd to stop.

-You should introduce some distractions during trainings in other to teach your dog how to act in real situations. You can discover how well-trained your dog is through this, if it is able to ignore distractions when you give it commands.

-Say plenty of ‘NO’ in the course of training.

Your German shepherd obedience training should commence from when they’re between 6-8 weeks old. You should also try to define your dog’s role in your family. Try not to elongate the training sessions because it could end up frustrating the dog. As soon as you succeed in teaching your dog to be patient, obedient, and calm, you’ll realize that they can be your best friend as well as a lifelong partner. If trained properly, German Shepherds are actually the best breed of dogs you’ll ever find.


  1. Angela Rodgers

    My German Shepherd dog will Not have her lead put back on after bing let off, it takes me such a long time to get it on her. I have done recall training, one to one training also everyday when walking calling her back whilst on a long lead, which she does successfully, even calling her whilst in the garden and put her lead on. This has all been done with treats and also her ball, but once let off In the open have a nightmare, note she does not run off it’s just having lead put on. Have you any further tips that work?

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