How To Curb A German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problem

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German shepherds are just like other shepherding dogs in that they can get a little ‘bitey’. Puppies of any breed enjoy chewing toys and hands because they are teething and they need something to ease their itchy gums. As their adult teeth come through, German Shepherd puppies will start to chew on everything from their toys to their humans because there’s a lot of discomfort in their gums. Your little German Shepherd will start teething when they reach around 16 weeks old. The teething period can last until they are 32 weeks-old, and it’s normal for them to start chewing, biting, and nipping during this stage of their development. However it can become a real problem if your German Shepherd puppy biting problem persists after this period.

German Shepherd puppy biting

If your puppy continues to bite after the teething period ends, then you should know how to stop them from biting. One of the most common reasons that German Shepherds continue to bite is a lack of training when they were young. Owners tend to be too lenient with a puppy; ignoring – or even encouraging – behavioral problems such as German Shepherd puppy biting. If you don’t train your puppy properly, they can start to bite strangers, visitors, and random objects in your house. You need to correct their behavior and control them as soon as possible before they hurt someone.

German Shepherd puppy bitingGerman Shepherds consider biting and nipping to be a fun game. They nip and bite at one another and never hurt themselves. Then there are times a puppy goes too far and you hear one of them cry when a playmate does some damage. If you hear a puppy cry, it’s a sign that you need to get involved and put an end to the game. Remember; it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

Their biting can get pretty problematic, so here’s how you can nip (if you’ll pardon the pun) that German Shepherd puppy biting problem in the bud!

Here Are Some Practical Ways To Stop Your German Shepherd Puppy Biting Problem

There are several ways you can stop the German Shepherd from nipping and biting. If they are biting because they are teething, then you can just wait for the problem to pass. If it doesn’t, then here are some other tips to consider:

Tell Them No

German Shepherd puppy bitingEnsure that your German Shepherd understands that biting is unacceptable. Use hand signals, body language, and voice commands to convey the message. It’s okay to say “no” if your German Shepherd bites you. Pull your hand away after this and tell them “no”. Stop playing with them and move away from them as well to let them know they did something wrong. It can be difficult to resist their cute puppy charms, but understand that stopping playtime with your German Shepherd after they bite you sends a clear message; it tells them that playtime is over if they bite you, so they shouldn’t do it.

It can take several goes until the technique works properly, but your German Shepherd will eventually get the message that they shouldn’t bite anyone. If your dog still isn’t getting the message, then one thing you can try is to put your thumb under their tongue.

Start out by playing with the German Shepherd puppy. Let them hold on to your hand but give an authoritative “no” if they start to bite you. Follow this up by putting your thumb in their mouth, under their tongue. Then put your forefinger beneath their chin firmly. This prevents the puppy from biting you any more and – as it is uncomfortable for them – they will try to get your hand out of their mouth. This technique works because it makes the puppy so uncomfortable that they will avoid biting in the future to avoid having to sit through that again. Continue doing this until your puppy understands how much they hate your fingers being in their mouth and that the way to stop it from happening is to not bite.

Gentle Neck Pinch

If you still don’t have success by putting your finger under your puppy’s tongue then you should try pinching their neck gently. This also begins with playing with the puppy. Tell your puppy “no” if they start to bite your hand and pull it away. Pinch the German Shepherd puppy gently on the neck to make them associate being pinched with being told “no”.

Consistency is Key

If you want to stop your German Shepherd puppy biting then you need to be consistent with it. Consistency is the key to any kind of dog training. It will take repeating your chosen training technique several times before they finally understand. It also requires you to be the alpha dog and the pack leader more than their friend. Trust us when we say that you’ll be doing your dog a favor by becoming their leader. It’s the right thing for the dog themselves, as well as everyone else around them.

Give Your Puppy a Treat

German Shepherd puppy bitingGerman Shepherds are some of the smartest dogs there are, and they will likely understand your intentions and what they should and shouldn’t do. You should never forget to reward your German Shepherd for following your commands. You should give your puppy a treat when they learn something. Don’t forget to have the treats handy with you when you’re training them. If your dog stops their German Shepherd puppy biting when you tell them “no” then you should reward them by giving them a nice treat. Doing this reinforces the behavior and tells your puppy they get treated when they don’t bite. If the technique goes well, you can pat them on the head or give them cuddles rather than treats down the line.

Don’t forget that German Shepherds are very smart. They can understand the lessons you’re trying to teach them. You just have to ensure you correct their bad habits before they become bad behaviors.

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